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Official Tumblr Page for a video editing and webdesign site - tangled-memories.com. Feel free to browse our blog and if you are interested in ordering from us, do so at tangledmemoriesproductions@gmail.com :)
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Twitter background/header and icon I designed for https://twitter.com/sweethazzard

New Video! I wanted to make a video with Hopeann Hintz pictures (I think she’s really pretty and, though we haven’t seen much from her yet, she’s very talented. I am sure, in the near future, someone in the business will look at her and see how amazing she is and then she will get on some big movie or tv series)!! :D

I was listening to this song and realized it would look great with her photos! I hope you like the video. Find more on Hopeann here: hopeannhintz.com

Hello! This is our official tumblr. We are starting a new website to showcase our portfolio in video and design. We are also taking orders. We can edit videos, design and code websites. If you don’t understand a thing of how websites work, feel free to contact us and we will explaing it to you, or set up everything for you and even keep it updated! 

Contact us at tangledmemoriesproductions@gmail.com for more details on what we do and feel free to order! We can’t wait to work with you!